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Innistrad – Day 1

Hello everyone, I am sorry for being away for long from my own blog this long, it seems life decided to take its course for a while and prevented me from really writing anything recently.

I have unfortunate news to bring you all so please forgive me at this current moment. On September 22nd 2011 my Father passed away and I haven’t felt like doing much of anything recently.

I celebrated two year with my girlfriend the last week and really that is about the only happy news I can give you.

now that you have pretty much been caught up with my life. let us talk about some Magic.

On Friday the release of Innistrad happened, I had the chance to play in a FNM that night doing the draft. Out of 32 participants I placed in the top 4 of the event (4th) and respectively placed rather well for myself as it was the first time I have ever placed in the top 8 of a draft event.

I decided to play Blue-White Aggro/Control. I must say I was really shocked at how well it did considering many other player were going tribal humans/wolves or vampires. However, within the Top 8 of the event no tribal decks actually made it. which surprised me, but then again it also was kind of not surprising as well if you get my meaning.

As I was saying I played U/W my deck list was the following

my U/W Innistrad Draft Deck.


Delver of Secrets

Stiched Drake

2 x Selhoff Occultist

Fortress Crab

2 Abbey Griffin

Mausoleum Guard

Village Bell-Ringer

Dearly Departed

Unruly Mob

Cloistered Youth

2 Thraben Sentry



2 Feeling Departed

Ghostly Possession

Hysterical Blindness

Midnight Haunting


2 Sensory Deprivation

Spare From Evil


6 Islands

10 Plains


Tree of Redemption

Hamlet Captain

Rolling Temblor

Bump in the Night

Maw of the Mire


Thraben Purebloods

Silverchase Fox

Urgant Exorcism

Bonds of Faith

2 Elder Cather

Gallows Warden

2 Frightfuk Delusion

Battleground Geist

Lost in the mist

Cobbled Wings


over all the deck performed really well, my basic thought on the deck was get flyers and just start hammering into them. I was really lucky in my POD because of the white that circled around. Black/Green/Red seemed to be the colours of choice for many players. Blue was also very limited so what i got in blue, i thought was fortunate enough.

over all my rounds of play were very interesting.

key cards for my deck that dominated were of course Rebuke and Feeling Departed. these two cards locked out several people from doing serious damage to me when they needed too.

In my second round I really kind of bursted this one players EGO who had dropped a Garruk on the board and made a wolf. my board position was pretty intense at this point as I had two abbey griffen’s and a dearly departed. So after Garruk resolved and a wolf was made, my opponant passed his turn, i swung in deep towards Garruk and Him dropping him to 9. I passed my turn and he drew and scooped.

Match two, I was on the draw and he ramped very nicely to get his bomb out fast, and put me on a clock, I dropped three spells and chumped with one which flipped my senterys. on his turn he equiped his 6/6 and hit me this dropped me 2. I drew a rebuke and had a Feeling departed sitting my grave yard. I decided to swing and hit for 10 which dropped him to 10. I passed the turn, he drew played his card which was a land and swung deep. I responded by flashing back feeling departed and tapping down the two ground pounders, and rebuked the flying 6/6 – I untapped drew, and he said gg. I laughed and told him I was just lucky, because I top decked the rebuke the previous turn and just held it back for when i needed it.

Innistrad has some interesting mechanics in it that I think will be interesting to see play in a limited format. not so much constructed since it is still in development at this point for the next couple of weeks. Limited however is so chaotic with this set it will be interesting to see what decks will work and which ones wont.

anyways in mean time
happy gaming.


MTGO Legacy Tourny Results & SCG Open Pittsburg.

Ok two huge events this weekend. the MTGO Legacy tournament, and of course the SCG Pittsburgh event.

Before I go on I have to give a huge shout out to my boy Josh who top 8ed at SCG Pittsburgh with his Merfolk deck. He lost in the semi finals to over all winner Gerry FUCKING T!!! who totally sweeped the weekend in both the standard and Legacy events.

So here are the rusults from both events.
MTGO Legacy Results

SCG Open Series Pittsburgh

note to readers, I am writing for another site as well as trying to keep this one updated. frequently. I am writing a primer for a deck i have been testing for this site though, so you guys will get to see whaat I am playing in standard, and you know me at all you know already its probably a green deck 😛

so I hope to do more testing this week, and I will finish up the article asap.

Battle for the Golden Sun (Star Wars RPG Night)

So as some of you may know, I play a monthly star wars rpg night. on saturday we started this really interesting campaign that I wanted to share the script with you:

Urimak (Yuzzum) – There I was, minding my own business on guard duty, when this ship comes to a screeching halt in front of Delta Base. And guess who stumbles out of it?

Ow’im (Duros – Pilot) – You told us the story, it was that Mon Calamarian over there, the one clutching the hunk of rock. Rekara (Mon Calmarian)

GM (as Rekara) I am Rekara, listener to sorrow.

Kol (Human – Bounty Hunter *wink wink*) She still isn’t making much sense, stupid fish. Goes on a lot of missions with Alliance dignitary named Mors Odrion, then one day their ship is lost. Next thing we know she shows up at Delta Base half crazy and with no idea of what happened.

GM (as Rekara) Odrion? Poor Odrion, On Sedri strange Sedri. We must rescue him! We must stop the crying.

Muk-Yuk (Gungan – Jedi) Me sir remember she say something about Golden Sun.

GM: Swimming, Not crawling sedri is all oceans – no land at all. The sea cries at night when the water turns gold.

Urimak: There she goes again! Are we sure its safe to have her along?

Muk-Yuk: The big Boss say she’d be very valuable to us, and to give her time. They think she’s recovering slowly from whatever made her crazy in the first place.

Kid (Human, real name Ferris, Padawan) I just wish I knew what she was talking about.

Ow’im: I’ve punched the coordinates we took from Rekara’s ship into the nav computer, but there’s got to be something wrong. These readings say we’re jumping in the middle of a sun. The hyperdrive inhibitor is going to book the program any second now….

GM: No boot, no crash! I fixed it! See, here the inhibtor module! No more nasty cut off functions.

Muk-Yuk: OH NO! – Me Sir think we’re all gonna DIE.

Urimak: Can anybody fix the inhibitor?

Ow’im: Too late. We’re already slowing back into realspace. According to those readings we come out in orbit around one might powerful sun.

Kol: We’ll be so close we won’t even feel the heat when the hull melts.

Urimak: Why’d I have to be the one of duty when her ship came in? Can anybody tell me that?

Gamemaster: Before anyone can answer, space shifts and the ship emerges from hyperspace. If the nav computer is right you are all about to die….
#star wars #rpg #west end games #d6

our twitter feeds from the game night:

Ow’im (Duro)!/Ow_im

Kol Nissim (Human)!/kol_nissim

Go Go Power Plainswalkers.

So the weekend has come and gone from an amazing pre-release weekend. M12 is now offically 5 days away and standard will once again evolve.

So Lets take a look at the possibilities with the new Plainswalkers in 2012.

First on the block is Jace, Master Adept. from what I have seen and heard he isn’t the best plainswalker at the moment unless you are playing limited. However, if rumors are true and one can only hope that they are Innistrad will have a graveyard theme. and if that is the case playing blue/black whatever Innistrad can do will probably be the best thing to happen to the new Jace, sure he isn’t Jace 2.0 but who knows.

Is the new jace legacy playable? Honestly my opinion in this matter is pretty simple NO, not yet. being a 5 drop in legacy is pretty risky – even a 4 drop is pushing it, let alone a 5 unless it is force of will. and even though who pays mana for a force of will?

Moving on.

Chandra, Chandra, Chandra let us just for a moment take a look at her:

+1: Chandra, the Firebrand deals 1 damage to target creature or player.
-2: When you cast your next instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.
-6: Chandra, the Firebrand deals 6 damage to each of up to six target creatures and/or players.

Whoa what? she pings for one, she can copy and then rage out for 6 damage to 6 creatures or players?

Along with the inclusion of Grime Lavamancer who if you remember does the following: R, Tap, Exile two cards from your graveyard: Grim Lavamancer deals 2 damage to target creature or player. And Now add Koth who is also a 4 drop could we possibly see a huge evolutionary step of Red Deck Wins? I think we might.

Now here comes my favorite of the bunch: Garruk!!! I love green, so much it is just one of those great colours, and with the beat stick powers that the Garruk offers up I won’t be surprised in the least to see him being played heavly in a rock style control deck. hey remember that beast within you played on their land and gave them a 3/3 well guess what ill +1 Garruk and trade off with that beast if you try anything funny.

all in all the plainswalkers are good, sorin and gideon are what they are everyone knows them already, but be on the look out for the emergence of red soon, especially with lightening bolt being here until october, (thank god i hate that card)


On another note, I didn’t get a chance to play test monogreen control yet, so i will be tweaking it and giving you guys an update when ive played it out

have a good monday guys.

Mono Green Control – Part Two

Hey welcome back, well after a night of sorting through cards and thinking I have eliminated my selection to cards I want to build in the deck.

First let us take a look at the lands.

The obvious choices for lands are as follows.

4 Wasteland
4 Mishra’s Factory
4 Tranquil Ticket
8 Forest
4 Misty Rainforest

Legacy players tend to be allergic to lands a good percentage of the time, I felt that the inclusion of 24 lands is a nice ideal size for a Green Control. Four fetchlands round out the package as an extra fetches along with Skaru Tribe Elder.

So let’s move onto controlling the board. This was a much harder choice card wise, I wanted to be able to keep a nice steady lock down and deal with threats, and give myself a little card advantage.

4 Beast Within
4 Winter’s Grasp
4 Root Maze
3 Tangle Wire
3 Thorn of Amethyst
2 Slyvan Library

Creatures are an essential part of this deck as well, my choices came down to a few selections 1) What can I get into my graveyard that will my ramp. 2) What do I have to deal with threats I can’t other wise contain without a removal spell. 3) what fatties make the most impact in green? after determining my selections I opted for Goyf, and Hellkite to give me a fattie and flying advantage. and of course the tribe elder for fetch and mana ramp.

4 Skura Tribe Elder
4 Taramagoyf
4 Steel Hellkite

One addition to the deck that I didn’t think of until earlier tonight was Wordly Tutor, the one Green mana instant that fetches a creature from my library

4 Worldly Tutor

So now that deck construction is completed. It is time to assemble a viable sideboard.

Going over my meta I realize that the percentages have changed. Decks I am most likely to face are Elves, Goblins, Cheerios, Show and Tell, Dredge, Reanimator, Imperial Painter, 43 Lands, Landstill, Merfolk and Team America.

So what can stop elves, goblins, cheerios and merfolk? many of these relay on the fast drops, so I think in regards to the builds I have seen Trinisphere is an ideal candidate. However Ensnaring Bridge works just as well. this adds character to 4 creatures I was including in the sideboard as well.

2 Trinisphere
3 Ensnaring Bridge
4 Wild Mongrel
3 Krosen Grip
2 Tormod’s Crypt
1 Pithing Needle

The inclusion of Wild Mongrel is kind of sneak attack tactic. let’s say for example, I have 3 City of Solitudes in my hand for whatever reason, I have one in play, I can reserve one to my hand and ditch two to increase damage. and this also protects me if i am able to ditch my hand to activate the bridge. I think it is a worthwhile maneuver. Crypts for the obvious grave yard manipulation. grips of course, and Needle for that something nasty you just don’t want to hit you or them to abuse.

Part Three tomorrow. Play testing it!

My M12

So I have been going through the spoilers of M12 and I came across a few cards I really like, they really aren’t legacy cards, they are more or less just for my enjoyment, I mean I never really expect much from core sets, they are more or less adding to the flavor of the game in my honest opinion. however there are some wicked cards, that i would use for sure.

Mono Green Control – Part One

Wait, what? You read that correctly Mono Green Control.

I love Green, it is so versatile in it’s creatures; from land fetchers, to artifact/enchantment destroyers, to land hate, to tramplers and all around beat sticks.

Well MGC does lack the ability to counter a card dropping down, it can for the most part get rid of something quickly. Now that with Green’s Vindicate spell Beast Within, to destroy a permanment in play, and leaving behind a 3/3 beast token in it’s place.

So let’s start with some cards I want to include in the deck. Obviously the problem right now is I am going to list cards that I may want to include but won’t include due to deck construction space of 60/15 – However, I am still including them in the list.

0-4 Beast Within – Instant 2G
0-4 Ice Storm – Sorcery 2G or Winter’s Grasp – Sorcery 1GG
0-4 Krosan Grip – Instant 2G
0-4 Steel Hellkite – Artifact Creature 6
0-4 Root Maze – Enchantment G
0-4 City of Solitude – Enchantment 2G
0-4 Trinisphere – Artifact 3
0-2 Plow Under – Sorcery 2GG
0-4 Wasteland – Non-Basic Land
0-4 Ghost Quarter – Non-Basic Land
0-4 Rishidon Port – Non-Basic Land
0-1 Dust bowl – Non-Basic Land
0-3 Crucible of Worlds – Artifact 3
0-4 Taramagoyf – Creature 1G
0-4 Acidic Slim – Creature 3GG
0-2 Sundering Titan – Artifact Creature 8
0-4 Tangle Wire – Artifact 3
0-4 Mox Diamond – Artifact 0
0-4 Elvish Spirit Guide – Creature 2G
0-4 Sakura Tribe Elder – Creature 1G
0-4 Bind – Instant 1G
0-4 Tranquil Thicket – Non-Basic Land (Card Draw)
0-4 Mental Misstep – Instant (Free Spell) p/B
0-4 Elephant Grass – Enchantment G
0-4 Birds of Paradise – Creature G
0-4 Lotus Cobra – Creature 1G
X-X Forest – Basic Land
0-3 Sylvan Library – Enchantment 1G
0-1 Umazawa’s Jitte – Legendary Artifact Equipment
0-1 Sword of Fire and Ice – Artifact Equipment
0-1 Sword of Feast and Famine – Artifact Equipment
0-4 Ancient Tomb – Non-Basic Land
0-4 Mishra’s Factory – Non-Basic Land

now that I have a decent selection of cards sorted out, It is time for some assembly. Make sure you check out part two tomorrow, as I go through my selections for Mono Green Control.