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Go Go Goblin Power!

February 10, 2011

Well I thought I would share with you one of two decks I currently run in legacy match-ups. Every Sunday at my local game store OMG! Games and Collectibles (130 Bell Farm Road, Unit 10, Barrie, Ontario Canada (705) 721-GAME) has there is a Legacy League. Prizes range depending on turn out, but the over all experience is fantastic.

Before I share my own deck, I want to tell a quick story of one of my friends, I built him a reanimater deck, which in his first time playing it out at the store he came in second. When I first built his deck, I started grinding information from every possible source I could think of to prepare him for the types and decks and match ups he would have. I’m happy to say I was quiet proud of his results.

Okay moving on to my deck. Goblins have had a long and epic history in Magic. they have been a bane in peoples sides for a long time, and pretty much the only way you are going to avoid them is to never play a game of magic in your life.

Goblins are quick, and deadly in right builds. more so is true for legacy, and from what I have also noticed in standard again as well.

Most legacy decks pretty much staple cards, there are of course variants depending on each player and budget. Because let us be honest here, magic is an expensive hobby. So don’t delude yourself in thinking otherwise.

So now it is time to get to the nitty gritty of my Goblin build.

Having a strong mana base is very important in any build regardless of the type of magic you are playing. Having this base can really make or break a deck, because a dead card in your hand doesn’t help you win a match up, especially if it is an off colour card.

In legacy Duel lands (Original, Ravinca, Mirrodin Lands) are pretty much the norm, and so is the ever classic land remover Wasteland. Wasteland can be your best friend or your worst enemy. it gives you the power to remove pesky lands that may have some ever causing effect on your own game. This access gives you a distinct advantage of your turns and how the opposing player turns, turn out. if you limit access to their lands you essentially remove there ability to play any spells they have in their hands.

10 x Mountains
4 x Blackcleave Cliffs
4 x Rishadan Port
2 x Wastelands

Creatures have a long standing tradition in any deck, two for one creatures or the creature that solves a problem instantly are creatures you want to take into serious consideration when it comes to deck building. many such creatures, will either have a very cheap casting cost or a heavy cost. it really depends on the creature, but the general rule of thumb is giving you an advantage over others. Qusali Pridemage is a great 2 for 1 card for two. it gives a creature a boost if it attacks alone (even it self) with its exalted ability or pay and sacrifice it to destroy a target artifact or enchantment. Which in legacy is a golden child ability.

Creature Spells:
4 x Goblin Lackey
4 x Goblin Piledriver
4 x Goblin Warchief
4 x Goblin Chieftain
4 x Goblin War Marshal
4 x Goblin Matron
3 x Goblin Sharpshooter
3 x Siege-Gang Commander
2 x Goblin Ringleader
2 x Gempalm Incinerator

One of the strongest cards in Legacy is a card that came from the Mirrodin block called Aether Vile. Most aggro decks run 4 of them. it too solves problems and creates problems, depending on what side of the table you are on. Aether vile allows you to play a creature card in your hand at instant speed without it being countered by daze’s, force of wills etc. it strips the control players ability to remove a threat that you laid down, and you want to laying down threats as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Artifact Spells:
4 x Aether vile

Having other spells at your disposal, regardless of what their intentions are meant to help you and hider everyone else. Since Goblins is really an aggressive style of deck spells are often very few in numbers and do something to help you the most of all. In this case I run 2 Pyrokinesis. this card is similar to Force of Will in that it allows you to remove a card from your hand to deal 4 damage to any targetable creature at instant speed.

2 x Pyrokinesis

Sideboarding is most efficient given the current metagame in where you play your decks. if your current metagame is loaded with combo heavy decks, you are going to go for more combo answers, than an control or aggressive answer, the same goes for if your metagame is control heavy, you get answers for that and so on and so fourth. What I can tell you is that sideboards are a very important part of playing. if you lost the first match up, you don’t want to lose the second. So I suggest that you study your own metagame and see what would help you the best of all.

this is my current sideboard.
1 x Chalice of the void
1 x Engineered Plague
3 x Perish
3 x Pithing needles
3 x Red Elemental Blast
4 x Relic of Progenitus

My sideboard contains many answers to a lot of different decks, more so it is aimed at grave yard and aggro hate. it doesn’t like blue, and it sure as hell doesn’t like green. getting rid of things like counterbalance, sensei’s divining top, tarmagoyf, knight of reliquary, anything that gives someone an advantage over our little goblins is perfect. removing a graveyard from a dredge player and cantripping (drawing a card or other benefit for you) is very important. As I previously mentioned my own metagame has a reanimator deck. but also it seems there is a growing popularity in dredge. Dredge is evil, quick and you need an answer for it before it beats you in the face with a turn one or turn two kill. don’t underestimate the power of graveyard manipulation as well as deck manipulation. these can become thorns in your side very fast if you are un-prepared for it.

That’s all for now.


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