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Player of the Year 2010

February 12, 2011

Went to Brad Nelson of the United States. Congratulations on the victory and bringing the Player Of The Year trophy back to North America. If history serves me correctly there hasn’t been an American in possession of this trophy in almost a decade? (if you know the exact time period great, let me know).

But either way congrats on the win.

Brad was running a build by teammate Brian Kibler CawGo

Main Deck
4 Celestial Colonnade
4 Glacial Fortress
4 Island
1 Marsh Flats
4 Plains
1 Scalding Tarn
4 Seachrome Coast
4 Tectonic Edge
4 Squadron Hawk
4 Stoneforge Mystic
4 Day of Judgment
1 Deprive
3 Gideon Jura
4 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
2 Mana Leak
4 Preordain
4 Spell Pierce
2 Stoic Rebuttal
1 Sword of Feast and Famine
1 Sylvok Lifestaff

1 Baneslayer Angel
1 Deprive
2 Divine Offering
1 Elspeth Tirel
2 Flashfreeze
4 Oust
3 Ratchet Bomb
1 Sword of Body and Mind
15 sideboard cards


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