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If Legacy Was A Japanese Moster Movie.

February 14, 2011

Combo decks, would be my Mothra. To be more than fair, I have next to zero respect for players who play first turn combo decks. Having zero interaction with a player, winning or losing I find it the most annoying thing on the planet to sit there for the next 45 minutes, waiting for my next match up.

Today was my local game shops legacy league and I will admit it didn’t go well for the Goblins (mine) & Reanimator (My Friend’s Deck). my first round of play I don’t think I even laid down a spell or a land even when I was smashed in the face with the Leyline of the Void and Helm of Obedience combo.

The rest of my matches were at least interactive. I played against, a Leyline/Opalescence Deck. It was rather interesting to play against that style of deck. It had me prepare my game plan differently. For Example how does an aggro deck like goblins beat enchantments in the face with no enchantment kill? (…) You burn them death with burn spells and come out swinging. To be honest, I felt this match up was bad for me, during the second round of play, my opponent made a huge mistake which cost him the game and handed the round to me. He underestimated his strength, conceited on a match he was actually winning. However, I will not let a gift horse in the mouth, and take the win.

Two things in Magic are important number 1) R.T.F.C. and number 2) Side-boarding.

Round Three: I was fortunate enough to know what I was walking into with my opponent’s deck, as I played tested against that deck for the past 2 weeks fine tuning it. I knew where to exploit not only the deck, but also the psychological aspect of the player. I knew his plays before he did. It helps him being my roommate as well, but giving me a win in this case I feels is well earned because I’ve lost plenty of times to his deck the past two weeks. So I was prepared for his shenanigans.

Round Four: This round was by far the funnest for me, I was placed against an aggro/loam deck, and to be honest, I had no clue what to expect. The games basically went match one for me, match two for him and match 3 I got mana screwed on one land. being able to explode with goblins is about as important seeing kyle – it can be all fun and games. But when you get screwed by your deck, you mine as well just face it some days it isn’t going to work out.

And that was my day…fun and exciting.

Oh and Reanimator went like this….game one burn/aggro (won)….game two (same as my first game)….game three, Cheerio’s Won (with) An Emmy (Emrakul, the Aeons Torn)….game four sneak and tell, lost but lesson learned…destroy sneak when it hits, or force that thing to oblivion, all in all apparently it was a fun adventure…but mind you this guy’s deck cripples me, so i can laugh at his loses.


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