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The Two Affinities (Love and Magic)

February 14, 2011

It is valentines day today, for some of us it means spending time with our significant others. for others it means getting ready for GP Denver which is this weekend. either way it’s Monday, Monday’s suck and a day to celebrate love is clearly a day wasted, because it is to be celebrated everyday. not on hallmarks day of remembrance.

BUT! If you want to send your favourite magic player a little VD love. then I suggest heading over to here and check out some of the great cards you can send.

Now on to some magic.

Last night I did my first real play test with my Green and Taxes deck. I went up against an Affinity deck, which had a nice solid build to it.

Game 1: pretty much was a lock for me, as I crippled his land base.
Game 2: I had a harder time as of course you know with affinity it is a pain in the ass to deal once it gets going and there is going to be only so much removal you will have.
Game 3….land, glimpse, 0,0,0,0,…scoop

I had a lot of fun playing the first game with this deck. I really didn’t know what to expect interaction wise. I knew what I wanted to accomplish, and I did that in my matches. I don’t ever consider a loss, a loss, because you will always take away in knowing where your needs to be improved in the play testing aspect.

Happy Gaming!


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