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Ice Age Rule Book: A Look at Banding

February 18, 2011

If you are like me, and have been playing the game since Magic’s early days, you may remember a little ability called banding. Now as far as I can recall Banding was mostly in the ICE AGE block. I dug out my Ice Age Rule booklet to take a look at how banding was described back then. I know some people now don’t understand the banding rule and who can blame them it was kind of confusing.

The Following is an exert from the Ice Age Rule Book (Page 38)

Banding: Creature with the ability “Banding” may choose to join forces with the other creatures during an attack or defense.

You can form a band of attacking creatures out of any number of creatures that have banding; you can even include one creature that doesn’t have banding. You must declare your attack; attacking bands can’t form or disband after your opponent declares defense.
When your banded group of creatures attacks, your opponent’s creatures have to block this band as one or let it through as one. If a defending creature blocks any of the banded creatures, then it blocks them all.
Any damage this defending creature deals gets distributed among the creatures in your attacking band as you desire. Banding doesn’t allow creatures in a band to “share” special abilities.

So back in 1995 when this book was printed, I remember first reading that and was like huh? I read it now and can basically sum it up like this. Attacking Player decides how defending creatures damage is dealt to blocked creatures. That’s it! that was what banding was all about. if you happen to have an ice age booklet hanging around go to page 38, read banding and then look at the quizzes that were given as well. (there are 5 quizzes in case you were wondering) The Quizzes only make you more confused and scratch your head.

Hey anyone remember when combat damage had the stack? good times!


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