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Deck Analysis: Honey Nut Cheerios

February 19, 2011

In my local meta game, there is a player who runs the cheerios deck. When I first heard the deck name it was only about two months ago, give or take. Last weekend one of my friends had the chance to play against the deck. So I decided to look this deck up and see what it was all about.

The Deck runs basically the same way that an Affinity deck runs. low curve, low costing spells and creatures. most if not all your creatures will be zero costs, and you have a big bomb of a creature as your kill, since most of the creatures in cheerios have 0 power, and 1 toughness. However, there are a few that varies. mostly the Walkers 0/3. and Memnites 1/1, and Ornithopter 0/2, I would suspect most decks to big bombs to drop with how this style of deck operates.

As Part of my research of the deck, I looked up Zachary Evens Cheerios build, as I didn’t have an exact deck list to go by.

Main Deck:


The first thing you will notice is the ridiculously low mana curve of the deck. 23 Spells cost 0 mana to cast, then the spells range from 1 green to 3 colourless and 2 Black. even that on it’s own is deceiving since street wraith probably isn’t hard cast at all. it’s power lays in the graveyard with its cycling ability. Glimpse of nature is a powerhouse card in this deck as it the amount of cards you can draw into with 23 of your spells costing zero mana allows you to chew through your deck and have a field before your opponents first turn.

With the right tweaking and tool cards, a first turn could turn into an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and then it’s GG. the scary thing is the consistency with the deck build. unlike affinity decks in which the cards rely on each other to accelerate out of the deck. Cheerios can just build itself a stable feild for a bit, and then explode, with kill conditions abound, unless you are prepared pre or post-boarding to deal with their insanity.

So what are some good ways to deal with little pests running around the field? Since I play goblins, I can answer for red. pyroclasm just became a very viable solution, any massive creature destruction is ideal as well. countering their key cards to stop their combo. there are many solutions to these creatures, and even their lands. Cradle allows them to accelerate faster to drop their bombs and wipe your face with their boots. so wastelanding that a.s.a.p. is always a good idea.

Key cards to counter:

Crop Rotation – the great thing about countering this card is that the sacrificing of the land is part of the cost, so they must do it before it goes into resolution.

Glimpse Of Nature – crippling that insane card draw is always a good idea.

Beastmaster Ascension – As soon as this card gets 7 counters on it, you’re toast. it will activate the first time 7 creatures attack too. so get rid of this thing by any means, or else you will be eating those +5/+5 thopters, kabolds, memnites, etc.

I kind of look forward to playing against a cheerios deck, since I play affinity as well, I am curious how much faster than can go off. However, by the stories I have heard it can be pretty damn fast.

Happy Gaming.

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