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Late Night Commander

February 21, 2011

Last night was an adventure in the multiverse. Three of my friends and I played a late night game of EDH, a rather rare event on a Sunday night since work commitments are normally a fact for Mondays, however today is Family Day a civic holiday we all have off.

We gathered around and shuffled up our decks, Glissa, The Traitor, Kamahl, Fist of Krosa, Akroma, Angel of Wrath, and Cromat all entered into combat.

I wont talk about the entire games but rather epic plays that win the game.

Game One,
Turn Two (Akroma Deck), Luminarch Ascension hits the table.
Turn Ten: Angels are dominating the field, so it is only a matter of time, before we start dying off.
Turn Sixteen: A lucky play by Glissa Deck, resulted in a massive attack with a mind slaver on Kamahl, swinging for the kill against Akroma.
Turn Seventeen: Glissa, now swings with two demons to at Kamahl.
Game over.

Game Two:
Turn Three: Two Primeval titans on the field, Swinging for serious damage.
Turn Eleven (Kamahl): with two players now out of the game, Kamahl, 21 Lands out of the deck, with massive acceleration hitting land drops, and titan, tapped out for 10 cast tooth and nail fetching Artisan of Kozilek, and moss bridge troll, and crop rotation, sac a tapped forest, for a forest. 12 lands untapped, cast natures claim targeting sol ring, 11 untapped lands.
Turn Eleven(Glissa): Tooth and nail cast with entwin, Reiver Demon and Demon of Death’s Gate. I ask for a land count before the resolution of the second part of the spell resolution. Glissa 11 lands in play, Reiver Demon, and Demon of Death’s Gate hit the table, In response to I turn glissa lands into 1/1 creautes, opponent’s lands are Armageddoned.
Turn Twelve: Kamahl, re-enters the battlefield.
Turn Twelve: Glissa’s demon’s swing for 15. Kamahl down to 8 life, plays a swamp.
Turn Thirteen: 5 Lands activate, 5 forests, into 1/1 creatures, each forest is pumped twice making them 7/7 with trample. Glissa Taps the swamp, and casts darkness., I play a forest, two lands untapped.
Turn Thirteen: Demons swing. I cast moments peace, glissa Pass turn
Turn fourteen: Same as turn 13 for Kamahl, game over!

I had two really fun games, but game two was more about revenge. 😉

How did your weekend games go?


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