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Just Like Mike: Magic & The Cartoon Nework.

February 26, 2011

Magic is an addiction, a sweet competitive addiction, we all love it, we play it for whatever reasons. However, I suffer from an another addiction, the addiction of Cartoons, Psychology today one of the leading magazines on the subject of the human condition only has one article on the manner of Cartoons. I feel this is unjustified, as I can be equally as cranked when I don’t have my morning tea or coffee to that of when I don’t get to see my new episodes of Friday night cartoons (Young Justice & Star Wars: Clone Wars

Today is a prime example of crankiness, on this early Saturday morning (4:25 A.M.) I had two things planned before I left the house in order to go play for my chance in obtaining a Mox Sapphire at a local legacy tournament.

Objective One: Enjoy a hearty breakfast of sugar-coated cereal sit with my legs crossed and head titled watching my Saturday morning/Friday night cartoons.

Objective failed! Since most Friday nights I am never home till late, I miss the shows I rather enjoy the most, an ironic statement of fandom but reality in this day of the internet. I can go anywhere I please, and by the time I get home chances are I will find my show online and available to download. Tonight however, I have still yet to find my shows. ****grumble grumble****

Objective Two: Get a nice full 8 hours of sleep before I step into the Magic Arena today…

Objective Failed! So it would seem my great idea of going to bed at a decent time has turned its back on me. I woke up shortly after 3:30 I feel rested, but this is going to be a long day. Mental preparation is important to any tournament style event whether it be local or international. I am sure I will be able to grab a quick two hour nap in between now and then.

Cest Le Vie.

Goodnight/Good morning
Happy Gaming!


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