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OMG! The Mox Sapphire Wrap Up.

February 27, 2011

Do you know what time it is? It’s review time!! First off I would like to say a few words: I would like to thank Rick, & Josh the owners of OMG! Comics and Collectibles for hosting such an amazing day of gaming. I would also like to thank Head Judge Rob Johnson.

Moving on!

Our day started at 8 A.M. in our living room prepping for the Mox Sapphire Tournament @ OMG Games. After sitting down and having a conversation on our deck interactions, we talked about our sideboards to see if there was anything we felt weak about before we walked into the tournament, one of us felt there was changes he needed to make, to which he did, and his performance was exemplary despite some fall backs

After registering our decks, handing the money over to the Man, we get our first match ups.

Round One: Vs Cheerios.
My first match up was against was a race and who could explode out of the gate the fastest. During our first game, I gained a substantial lead, but then maelstrom of zero drops started to take over the field, assisted with Beast Masters Ascension, turn 3 turned into swing with 9 5/5 kobolds and beast tokens. Game two. At least I said mountain lackey go. because the next thing I knew triple Glimpse of Nature, a storm count for 19 with Hunting Pack and then Emrakul, the Aeons Torn hit field. I will admit it was a pretty amazing ending to a match, but sometimes there is some serious overkill. (0-1-0)

Round Two: VS- Helm of The Void.
I will admit this was a rematch for me that I was expecting, but wasn’t sure if I would have gotten it or not. The match up wasn’t even about the player I wanted vengeance on, I wanted to lock, destroy, set it ablaze with my gobliny thunder!!!

Match One: Was exactly what I wanted it too be, goblins swarm in for a kill.

Match Two: I lost to the Helm Combo! (Fuck)

Match Three: This match turned out to be more difficult. It turned into a red/control/aggro deal I side had sideboarded in during this match, 3 pithing needles to attempt the lock down of his combo. I mulliganed down to 5 in order to get a needle in hand. in fact, my hand was fairly decent for 5. Mountain, Mountain, Goblin Lackey, Pithing Needle, Goblin Piledriver. Normally the play would have been Mountain, Lackey, Go!, but I had to play conservatively for just a moment. I dropped Pithing needle and Naming Helm of Obedience, this put him on a clock while my little goblins started to swarm and build. at one point Lim-Duls Vault was played and the top 5 cards were sent down not once but twice, and leaving the third pile of 5 on top. He untapped and played Thopter Foundry. I wasn’t too concerned yet, as I had one more turn with lackey at least before I would have to deal with the swarm. I swing for the attack, and drop sharpshooter onto the board. I hard cast Goblin Warchief, Pass Turn, Sword of the Meek drops, and it starts…Goblin Machine Party. While I was trying to fight aggressively to lower his life total, I had to face facts, I had no answer to a flying 1/1 maker. I didn’t care about the life gain at first, my goal changed to denying him creatures. The game went to time and ended in a draw. (0-1-1)

Round Three: Vs- 43 Lands. Or How I learned to top deck 8 lands in a row.

First Turn: Maze of Ith, Second Turn Maze of Ith, Third Turn Maze of Ith, Now I understand why this deck’s original name was how the fuck do I have 3 maze’s of the Ith in my opening hand. (I conceded the first match after the 8th turn, aggro deck or not, getting past 3 mazes was difficult)

Second Game, we went to time. Draw…

Final Results: 0-1-2

That is the worst I have ever done at a tournament. I was so frustrated with my last game, against 43 lands, that I dropped. a Mistake I later realized, I could have continued within the tournament.

Over all though, I did have a fun time.

In case anyone is wondering who won the top prize, I don’t know, after our last rounds and staying for the semifinals, we needed to leave to get ready to head back home.

Again I would like to thank Rick & Josh for hosting a great event! I look forward to the 12th for the next big event.

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