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Tinker Time

March 1, 2011

Despite what the catchy blog entry is called this has nothing to do with “Tinker”, in fact it has more to do with how much I have grown to hate land decks so quickly, and how I can fuck them in the face, but also control what my opponent does as well plus a super happy ending!!

Ladies and Gentlemen I would like to introduce you to my deck design of “The Corporation.” – This deck as sad as it sounds came to me in a dream last night. at around 4 AM, I woke up very suddenly, and grabbed my laptop off the floor, and started plugging away at a card list.

This is the first build of “The Corporation” – look forward to hearing any ideas you may have regarding the build. So any feedback would be great 🙂

4 Wasteland
4 Tectonic Edge
4 Ghost Quarter
4 Tropical Island
2 Forest
2 Island
4 Misty Rainforest
4 Show and Tell
4 Progenitus
4 Force of Will
4 Daze
4 Brainstorm
4 Life from the Loam
4 Exploration
4 Standstill
4 Crucible of Worlds

3 Manabond
3 Krosan Grip
3 Pithing Needle
4 Tormod’s Crypt
2 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn

So there is the first build of the deck, I know it will get some tweaks between the play testing stage and the final stage. but i really feel confidant with this deck.

Happy Gaming!!!


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