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Round 1: Fight (part 1)

March 3, 2011

Today I take a look at some decks that placed 1st in the daily Legacy match ups on MTGO. I am not going to try and analyze any of these decks, unless I feel the need too. The first take I am going to take a look at is from mtgo user PTPaul and I am going to admit, I don’t get it, I look at this deck and I think to myself this is some messed casual deck gone horribly wrong. here let us take a look.

PTPaul’s Main Deck

60 cards
1 Bojuka Bog
4 Cloudpost
1 Eye of Ugin
4 Glimmerpost
1 Island
4 Misty Rainforest
1 Polluted Delta
4 Tropical Island
4 Vesuva
2 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
1 Kozilek, Butcher of Truth
2 Primeval Titan
4 Trinket Mage
3 All Is Dust
3 Candelabra of Tawnos
3 Crop Rotation
3 Expedition Map
4 Force of Will
1 Pithing Needle
3 Repeal
3 Sensei’s Divining Top
4 Thirst for Knowledge


1 Chalice of the Void
1 Coalition Relic
1 Engineered Explosives
2 Hurkyl’s Recall
3 Mindbreak Trap
1 Pithing Needle
3 Propaganda
2 Tarmogoyf
1 The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

I take a look at this deck and I automatically think to myself, is this guy insane? because in all honesty, I don’t get it, I don’t see how this deck went 4-0 in a tournament. It has a huge curve for the mana base so much so, I’m not exactly sure what is going on. I mean in all intense and purposes. I know for a fact I could never play a deck like this. because even with my years of experience playing magic. I look at it and just think wtf! I totally give this credit though. I mean 4-0 and is still 4-0 but I don’t see it.

skizzik_cn came in first the following day with a beautiful build of an Affinity deck, I really like his choice in cards especially with the splash of red to utilize the benefits of metal craft with galvanic blast. The sideboard choices are riddled with excellent choices, I am surprised to see a couple of cards, but over all I think this deck performance can speak for itself.

Main Deck

60 cards
1 Blinkmoth Nexus
3 Darksteel Citadel
4 Great Furnace
4 Seat of the Synod
4 Vault of Whispers
4 Arcbound Ravager
3 Disciple of the Vault
3 Etched Champion
4 Frogmite
4 Memnite
3 Myr Enforcer
4 Ornithopter
4 Cranial Plating
4 Galvanic Blast
3 Mox Opal
1 Pithing Needle
3 Springleaf Drum
4 Thoughtcast


1 Cabal Therapy
2 Duress
3 Engineered Plague
1 Etched Champion
2 Perish
2 Pithing Needle
1 Relic of Progenitus
3 Tormod’s Crypt

o0putz on the next day played his variant of PTPaul’s deck…since I already said what I needed too about that, we will just move on.

dubz1337 played a really interesting version of Dark Horizons with the inclusion of Doran in the main deck. I look at the inclusion of Doron as an interesting choice due to the other creatures involved in the deck. Tarmagoyf even with nothing in the yard could still swing for 1, which sounds so incredibly bad, but if the yard got nuked for whatever reason swinging for one is still swinging. Bob on the other hand the reverse is true, he pretty much becomes a useless combatant with only being able to hit for one. knight doesn’t change, stoneforge mystic on the other hand becomes a 2/2. As i said, having Doron is an interesting choice, not one I would particularly make if a DH Deck. I would find something more utility to include. The deck has a lot of answers as well, from sinkhole, to hymn, swords and thoughtseize, it can suspend your opponents play really hard while you build up your base to come out swinging.

Main Deck

60 cards

3 Bayou
1 Bojuka Bog
1 Forest
2 Marsh Flats
2 Plains
2 Savannah
2 Scrubland
1 Swamp
3 Verdant Catacombs
4 Wasteland
2 Windswept Heath
4 Dark Confidant
1 Doran, the Siege Tower
4 Knight of the Reliquary
1 Stoneforge Mystic
4 Tarmogoyf
3 Chrome Mox
4 Hymn to Tourach
4 Sinkhole
3 Swords to Plowshares
4 Thoughtseize
1 Umezawa’s Jitte
4 Vindicate


1 Bojuka Bog
2 Chalice of the Void
1 Diabolic Edict
2 Duress
1 Krosan Grip
4 Leyline of the Void
3 Smother
1 Umezawa’s Jitte

rakugaki on the other hand played a dreaded favourite of mine Sneak and Tell, nothing really spectacular about the build of the deck, as it from what it seems a classic style build of the deck that has been around for a while.

Main Deck

60 cards

4 Ancient Tomb
3 City of Traitors
4 Island
2 Misty Rainforest
1 Mountain
4 Scalding Tarn
4 Volcanic Island
4 Emrakul, the Aeons Torn
4 Progenitus
1 Trinket Mage
4 Brainstorm
3 Daze
4 Force of Will
3 Lotus Petal
4 Ponder
2 Sensei’s Divining Top
4 Show and Tell
4 Sneak Attack
1 Spell Pierce


2 Echoing Truth
2 Firespout
3 Pyroblast
2 Relic of Progenitus
2 Shattering Spree
1 Spell Pierce
2 Tormod’s Crypt
1 Volcanic Fallout

This concludes part one.

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