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Ice Ice Ichorid!

March 4, 2011

I had a conversation earlier this evening with one of my friends concerning another friends swap of Ichorid to bloodghasts in his Dredge deck. (Yes Bro I am talking about you!!!)

I understand sort of his idea behind why he want’s to do it now, but I don’t see it really working out in the long run game wise. The whole point of Ichorid in a dredge deck is his sac and bring back ability to create more zombie tokens.

Now I am going to try and explain my friends logic, I am not disagreeing or agreeing with his choice, I just question on whether or not it is a safe choice for the type of deck Ichorid/Dredge is.

Replace the Ichorids with Bloodghast, abuse the tactics of Life from the loam to ensure the landfall trigger, sac and resac them, play a land bring them back.

I have to dwell on this idea, i see it, but i have to analyze it more.


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