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Games Day Review!!! Upcoming Legacy Event!

March 8, 2011

Games day was full of laughs and fun and of course loss frustration. I really can’t imagine playing a game of magic without losing matches. it just seems to make sense and also it being part of the game. Sometimes you lose to a lame ass combo deck, sometimes you lose to such an amazing play, and sometimes your deck just fucks you without hitting your land drops. I experienced all 3 on games day. While I placed 12th at the end of the day it was really fun.

Bob Barrie from MTG Realm was in show at OMG Games in Barrie Ontario,[130 Bell Farm Rd, Unit 10] and he recorded this amazing video of the match ups. (I’m at the very end of the first clip turning my head lol)

Shout out to my boy Alex for his deck that locked him and I into a draw during the first round. Pay back is gonna be a bitch Alex!!!

Shouts to my Boy Greg wielding Kuldotha Red and my Bro Nathan (who gave support but didn’t play this Games Day)

Shout Out our friend Marshal who didn’t make it to this Games Day due to unforeseen circumstance. will see probably this weekend bro.

Okay So moving on…. OMG Games is going to be holding another Mox Tournament this weekend. this time it is for the ever so sexy Mox Jet!!!! I was thinking of running my version of a naya lightsabre legacy deck, which I am in rush to finish building. but if I don’t get it done, then it will be a Green and Taxes deck. g/w aggro baby awe yeah!!!

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