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Why has Force of Will Never Been Reprinted?

March 19, 2011

A few things in recent weeks has made me seriously question wotc’s reprint policy, mostly as a legacy player than anything else.

If you look over the reserved list on wizards site, you will a find a pretty big list of cards that will never be reprinted.

but here is an interesting conundrum and if anyone from WOTC staff reads this and happens to know why please feel free to educate us.

Force of Will – sells for 59.99+ online, on modo from what I hear it is about the same.

Wastelands – sells now for 50-80 dollars online, and on modo it will probably reflect that.

WHY??? why are two such cards not being reprinted when they are not on the reserved list? Wizards can’t honestly say they are keeping the integrity of the collectable factor when the rise in popularity and support for the format is coming full circle.

A standard card will get reprinted a million and half times, and then fade out, but these one shot ponies where is the factor in that?

you will reprint mox diamond which goes against your reserved list policy completely. you will run judges foils up until recently as a reprint, yet you wont support some of your longest running customers?

get in gear wizards, start reprinting valid card for the eternal format. if its not on your list you have no choice to provide the players of the best gaming experience.


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