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Crazy Talk Episode 5 – Robin The Rich

March 31, 2011

So today’s episode of Crazy Talk has a special guest SGC writer Drew Levin a Legacy theorist and player. From my opinion one of the best writers on the topic of Legacy, his analysis is pretty spot on.

In episode 5 of Crazy Talk, the guys welcome a very special guest: Drew Levin. Together, they explore the Legacy metagame, the viability of burn decks and the future of the Legacy format. They also reveal the secret identity of the Robin Hood of Magic. Someone has to stand up to all those dirtbags!

Download Here

Some points I would like to make out from my point of view

I particularly enjoyed that he(Drew Levin) narrowed down the deck building to simplistic archetypes to build decks around (IE Merfolk, Goblins, Zoo) and then moving into combo etc and realizing the importance of the meta, while I knew the later to be true, I never thought about the aspect of building to around the top tier decks when brewing on innovation. kudos for the awesome tips.

I think Forsyth’s purposed twitter topic on the loss of value to duel lands with a “fantasy” printing of snow duels wouldn’t really matter. the potential loss of original duels? I highly doubt that would even be effected, not unless these fictional “snow” duels did something ridiculous that made the original duels obsolete.


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