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Twitter-Dual Lands?

April 1, 2011

So if you have been paying attention over the last few days on Twitter, and follow Aaron Forsythe you may have noticed the other day he purposed a Question to all the players & collectors alike:

COMPLETE FANTASY: If we made snow-duals, and original duals lost 85% of their value, would those of you that own originals be happy?

This question released a fury of replies from everyone. Some of the more notable ones came from Conley Woods whom brought up a great argument in case for us all.

Is WotC responsibilities to players is greater than the responsibility to collectors, currently due to the reserve list, it appears that the collectors win this battle. But does the reserve list out weigh the popularity of format? according to a wizards promise made almost 15 years ago, and continued to be shuffled around and loopholed from time to time seems to win in the case.

With Legacy being the second most popular format, the players and demands for the cards have forced up the pricing. after all our demand is forcing online stores to bring those cards in from collectors and collectors want to retain their value of their cards. However, with the popularity, even with the high buy prices, there are some collectors who are hoarding the cards to further drive their investment up – this of course puts a strain financially on the players with such practises, and limits the eternal format in the same way that limits many players from playing vintage.

So can R & D fix this problem by printing functional cards IE like Snow Covered Dual lands? The honest answer is yes of course they can, but the also want to protect themselves – so what are we suppose to do?

I know personally I would suck it up and take the hit to my card value as long as the format was supported. yes you can retain the value of the original dual lands as long as you printed functional cards of the same calibre, whether they be “snow” or “scorched land”, reprinting Force of Will I mean really it’s been how many years and we still have yet to get a reprint of that card? and yet it is rumoured that the next judges is Force of Will. hmm I mean come on. throw the players a bone and support your formats, rather than making that small percentage who don’t play your main protective force/shield – c’mon wizards get it together.


Also today as you know the new duel deck comes out Knights VS Dragons. I was very surprised to see that Wizards reprinted one of the Eurolands in the duel deck, in fact I was pretty up set I love my German euroland and now it’s just a mass production land in a duel deck. but mine is still sexier with that darker boarder.

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  1. Nick Cotrupi permalink

    I absolutely agree with this. I own duals, and would be thrilled if they were reprinted, even 1 to a duel deck for maximum profit for wizards. You can’t even begin to play the “cheap” eternal format without hundreds of dollars in lands? It just doesn’t make any sense. Printing Snow Duals and Force of Will makes Wizards tons of money if they do it. I remember buying duals for $20 each, and that was a reasonably high entry barrier for a 14 year old kid. Doing this increases mtg’s survival chances down the road, and that’s becoming increasingly uncertain as of late. Eternal magic needs to live, and we all know Vintage is dead forever, so Legacy should be saved. It’s just smart business.

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