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Card of the Week

April 5, 2011

The superstar of standard these days is a beautiful Worldwake card named stoneforge mystic, while she may not have seemed like much she was indeed a very powerful ally in any deck that wielded equipment. When Worldwake launched in February of 2010 this little beauty stayed where she was as kind of a junk rare.

While I gobbled them up whenever I could because I saw the potential of her as one day being a huge hitter. rumours started to fly around early even before ROE that we would be going back to Mirrodin I knew then I needed to get my hands on as many of these as possible.

In many cases SF isn’t run as intensively in Legacy as she is in Standard. the reason being that with over 30 competitive deck types, she is a threat, but not the biggest threat you are going to come across. However this doesn’t eliminate her awesomeness and hence why she is the card of the week

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