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NPH & The Abuse of Life

April 21, 2011

Twenty is where we start, zero is sometimes where we end up. How important is our life totals going to be with New Phyrexia just around the corner, and what are the power level implications involved in Legacy?

Well the particular overview of the cards shows a rather new way to pay for cards, with the phyrexian mana symbol, this allows you to either tap mana into your mana pool or pay 2 life for each mana symbol.

If you are familiar with cards with like force of will, then you know that paying life rather than 5 mana is a huge advantage.

A common example I expect to see in the near future with black decks or any deck that splashes black is thoughtseize turn one lose 2 life, and then Surgical Extraction by paying two life. also Mental Misstep is a blue counterspell that targets converted mana costs of 1 spells for 1 blue or 2 life. this counterspell is strong!! especially in the legacy format, where you are dealing with mostly cards between 1-3. having a cheep costing spell like allows even none blue decks the ability to counter spells with life rather than mana. it is no wonder that the card is already selling for 4 dollars. I suspect over time this card will reach 10 dollars + so pick them when you can and hold on to them.

Many people view their life total as the end all be all of the game, but that isn’t so, you have to also think of your life total as a great resource. I suspect with the inclusion of this new mechanic we are going to see a huge swing and development in the next few weeks and months with how some decks will be built.

anyways thats all for now.

two things before I sign off. Happy Easter to everyone, I will be back on monday from my trip up north. so I might do a few more articles today, not sure yet, but wont be home friday-sunday. have a safe and good weekend.


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