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Canada’s DCI Bans Liberal Party. (how i love politics)

May 3, 2011

So today was Canada’s federal election. If you are a Canadian and voted I congratulate you in voicing your opinion. For those of you who didn’t vote because you chose not too, then I don’t want to hear you complain about the government. Voting is a duty and right of every citizen in every country that allows for an electoral party to be voted into office.

If I were to look at the Canadian government right now and compare it to magic the gathering I would give the breakdown like this.

Stephen Harper played Caw-Blade (U/W Control)

Jack Layton played RUG

Michael Ignatieff played Kuldotha Red

If you want the meta-game breakdown it looks alot like this.

So why did Caw-Blade (Harper) win? Well simply put it’s was the best platform/deck, Stephen Harper brought out the big guns, and succeeded in doing so. He looked over his metagame, saw what was being played and played the best.

But the sad truth is that Canada could no longer be run into the ground with election after election as it has been the past decade. The Liberal party of Canada really dug it’s own grave by and was punished for it greatly.

My family who for the most part vote Liberal, didn’t vote Liberal this time around because of the treasonous acts committed by the Liberals in the House of Commons. You don’t plot against the government openly and not expect the people to react and punish you for your crimes.

With the Conservatives and NDP in power now, I can see things actually moving forward without a blockade standing in their way. No longer will back-door collation polices take place because this is a government built on stability to move into the future of Canada.

I see many on my Twitter and Facebook feeds screaming afoul about the whole thing, but the reality is that these people are complaining because they can, and that is our right as voters.

And now back to your regularly scheduled magic programming

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