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One Land Meltdown

May 11, 2011

Good Morning everyone

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for my disappearance. my girl was up visiting and we spent a lot of time together, but I blogged zero of the time. However, I would like to make an statement regarding my birthing pod entry. I stated in my article that it;s effects were instant speed, I was mistaken, I did not RTFC it seems and it was an epic fail on my part. It would appear it states on the card do this at any time you can do this is as socery. It would appear i missed that line entirely while writing. But live and learn with an embarrassment.

Moving on. It’s been 3 weeks since I played any legacy matches – I’ve been so busy with life that magic hasn’t been a huge priority. Let me state this OMG I miss cracking cards so much right now.

The One Land Meltdown.

We have all had this happen at some point in our Magic careers, and that is getting land screwed to the point where unless you’re game locks on zero or 1, you’re game is pretty much screwed.

I recall a match I had against a 43 land deck. my first turn was great, Mountain + Lackey = Go, his first turn was a Maze of Ith. this game went to time because apparently the player I was playing against didn’t understand the word short cutting and I did twiddle down his life total to bolt range, but unfortunately didn’t have a bolt in hand as for 8 solid turns I top decked land. eventually I scooped once I realized how screwed I really was.

Well the loss really irritated me and made me fuming, I came away from that match up the importance of really crippling the land base of something like that. after some thought, I rebuilt my sideboard for the match ups in my meta – I had already had that, but lands seem to come out of no where with almost a 25% field advantage of all of a sudden. sometimes no matter how prepared you are, there is always a variable.

Wise man say forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza. the late pizza in this case however was the lack of Price of Progress, or Bad Moons, or really anything that could drastically effect the changes of the game back into my favour.

This match up drastically effected how I would play out with other decks. more so as I said previously the importance of taking out land. In fact i even built an anti-land deck, which is effectively is a show & tell + shelldock+doomsday deck all in one. however with huge land destruction component. Now playing that deck I have grown to love it. This deck now, really comes into question in what will soon be the Post-Mental Misstep world in the next couple weeks. Since the deck has zero one drops, decks that will be running, misstep will board them out since it becomes a dead card. advantage Me! post board I toss in standstills and stifle, etc more things to really bring out the card advantage in my favour. more importently locking out my opponents land.

I know some players, that hate land destruction and have refused to play any deck with any involved in it. understandably too, Land hate is a necessary evil in the game.

I have sat on the side of the table with zero or one land and you just get frustrated to the point where hey can’t I just play a game of magic where I am not screwed by my deck? and sometimes it is the deck, other times its assholes like me who go for the throat and just pop lands off now.

but it happens and we have to live and learn.


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