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Affination – Artifact Love.

June 1, 2011

This past weekend GP Providence was held, however I was unable to attend the event, so I stuck around my town and enjoyed a few Legacy matches playing my affinity deck.

I played 3 rounds on Friday evening and I will not count my first game against my friend because we actually played very casually he used his EDH deck, and well I stomped him pretty hard. (if only it was a sanctioned play, right bro?)

Main Deck

4x Mry Enforcers
4x Master of Etherium
4x Memnite
4x Ornithopter
4x Frogmite
4x Signal Pest
3x Etched Champion
4x Springleaf Drum
4x Cranial Plating
4x Thoughtcast
4x Great Furnace
4x Ancient Den
4x Tree of Tales
4x Vault of Whispers
4x Darksteel Citadel
4x Seat of Synod


I had no sideboard on me at the time, due to the fact that I am out of town visiting my mother and I built this deck with cards that I have left at her place over the times I have visited and was just really too lazy to bring home with me. (THANKS MOM)

So this was my deck, it was nothing overly special in fact it is pretty straight forward for affinity, as affinity goes. I faced off against two decks

Team America

Game 1:
I kept a fairly decent hand, two lands, a springleaf drum, memnite, enforcer, frogmite, thoughtcast. I got the roll, so I played land memnite, drum, frogmite. passed the turn, my opponent, dropped a fetch, cracked it, played an underground sea, cast thoughtseize on me and took my thoughtcast.

On my draw I grabbed a signal pest, cast it, which was forced, played my land, declared my attackers, since he had nothing on the feild and was tapped out, I swung for 3, then dropped the myr enforcer during my second main phase. during his second turn, he played his land, dropped preordain, then brainstromed, and passed the turn, I drew into a cranial plating, but had a sneaking suspicion that he had a counter, so i kept it in my hand for the time being and swung for 7. he scooped.

Game 2:
After he sideboarded and well I didn’t (see previous sideboard note) – my match got a little tougher, I was bombarded with with a much more aggressive Team America deck (one I was actually use to playing…no offense bro) – he chose to play and we shuffled up. I looked at my opening hand and saw it had potential, but knew it wouldn’t do anything unless I could go off first, so i went down to six. this was much better. 2 vaults, 1 thopter, 1 etched, 1 plating, 1 drum. first turn, he dropped a thoughtseize and grabbed plating, (what a shock), I drew a land, played my vault thopter & drum and passed the turn. his next few plays were more or less deck manipulation with preordains, ponders and brainstroms for land fixing, until he had enough mana and cards in his graveyard to delve for tombstalker by witch time I had 2 flyers on the field an etched champion and another plating. this game pretty much came down who would make the first mistake and it took alot of out me life wise before my opponent made the mistake of letting me equip the etched champion and swing. he scooped again.

My next match up was against Countertop, but unlike most countertop decks this was had a heavy aggro edge with an aggro loam combo as well as goyfs and thopter/sword to back it up.

Game One:

I knew what i was getting into this when I looked over the design of this deck before hand, it was ferice and fast if allowed to go off as well. So I bide my time with it. just to see how it went. it didn’t take too long before I had board position and was in control, with my zero drops flying out and equipment just saying HIIIIIIIIIIII how you doin’ my opponent quickly scooped.

Game Two:

This one I didn;t have a chance in hell of winning, first turn top, second turn counterbalance, I was lucky to get some cards out, but nothing to help me what so ever, and when i was able to drop a threat it was removed pretty quickly. I scooped after the Thopter Foundry hit the table, I know where that goes, I play that too.

Game Three: This time I wasn’t going to take no for an answer, so I mulligan down to 5, and dropped my hand first turn. I was top decking for two turns before I hit a thought cast and played it and drew my kill condition. He had no response and the game was mine.

My last match of the evening before I decided to call it a night was against a Myr Combo deck, it combined old with new and it hurt a lot, I honestly don’t remember the cards he played, I just remember the combo he got out with his galvenizers and battlespheres and voltaic keys it bacame this here ill beat you in the face with a frying pan and you tell me how does it make you feel? WELL to be honest, it made me feel like those dishes that Rachael Leigh Cook fucks up in that anti-drug commercial from 1998.

Taking twenty to the face that fast is neither fun nor exciting, in fact with his acceleration, it almost felt like I was playing a sick vintage mud deck. but it wasn’t. Either way, I will need to speak with this guy later on in the week and I will see if he would like to share his deck list with me.

Until next time

always remember the powerglove saves lives.


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