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Card of the Week

June 13, 2011

I wasn’t around much last week as I had many things to do, but this week I will do two cards. The first card for this week is a new card and is making a really huge impact on the Legacy world. you guessed it right if you thought mental misstep

this little bad ass NPH card has made already a huge impact on the one drop shots, giving what were atypically faster decks something more to think about. No longer are the thoughts does he or she have a Force of Will, for their lackey or vial, or whatever else. it’s now can he misstep me and force me. after watching about 24 rounds of legacy this past weekend. it has shown to be a real problem solver and watching the misstep misstep force and force battles take place was kind of amusing but also a harsh and stunning reality to what direction legacy will head into.

This weeks second card, is one I love very much, I have over the course of the years used and abused this card like no tomorrow. and with the theme of manaless decks this card here can actually accelerate to the point where wastelands and no lands really don’t matter.

he is the artifacts best friend, in legacy (mishras workshop is really the artifacts best friend otherwise, but its not legel and costs 350 or so for a land?)

okay and just cuz i mentioned it:


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