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Jace, The Mind Sculptor – Better Than All

June 21, 2011

A statement by Patrick Chapin, can speak no louder when it comes to our beloved Plainswalker Jace, The Mind Sculptor, and why not he completely reshaped Standard, has influenced Legacy, and even became a staple in Vintage. Now however Standard has a new dawn before it. Jace, The Mind Sculptor is Banned, along with Stoneforge Mystic.

While these changes don’t effect Legacy in any regard other than picking up two staple cards for cheaper, it did completely send standard into a disarray – I think as many people were prepared for the banning of SFM, many people were caught off guard with the Banning of JTMS. It would appear that many thought of it, especially from the prospect that this was brought up months ago, that the Jace Issue was dead, after Mark Rosewater’s article regarding emergency bannings when this issue was originally brought forward. Many including myself, thought okay that answers that. But in the background Aaron Forsythe, and members of the community were obviously paying attention.

Misery Stalls:

The miserable state of what Standard was in, was felt in every format. People were either ditching their FNM’s, GPs, or other large non-wizard events because no one wanted to play against “that deck” – It is to a degree reminiscent of old Mirrodin Standard, but not nearly as bad. I mean sure affinity was bad, and the control decks the age, were pretty much meant to counter against affinity. And that is what was happening today in standard. It got to the point where the meta was so limited in what you could play it made the game unbearable, to watch. no one wants to watch or even play 15 rounds of mirror matches. Standard became stale and stagnant. No longer was it about the game, it became about the deck to beat. and when that happens many things happen as a result.

1. People buy into the format strictly to play that deck, so they can be competitive
2. supply and demand (even with a still in print card)
3. the format becomes less competitive due to the fact that skill is practically removed due to the deck that is being played.
4. Numbers decrease at events due to players becoming disinterested in playing a one deck/two deck format
5. It isn’t in Wizards of the Coast interest to drive players and customers away.
6. Player stupidity. This in itself is self explanatory when it comes to the secondary market. FYI our demands drive up prices, if more players would realize this then we ourselves would be able to control the secondary market needs for cards.

Dream the impossible dream!

So the format stalled out, and Wizards had to take a serious look at the problem. Everyone was complaining, even people who played the deck and its off shoots were complaining. why? because as i said no one wants to go to an event or play a game where 50% or more of the field is a single deck archetype. Least we remember what happened to Legacy last year when Survival of Fittest and Fauna Shaman were both legal? not fun, mind you I do miss survival of the fittest, but I do miss Oath of Druids more, and in today’s format it is a good thing Oath was banned a long time ago. Can you imagine a flipped Emrukal or Progentis now in Legacy? ugh! it would make things much more difficult. imagine a mono-green oath deck so that you run cards like Beast Within to vindicate something of theirs to give them a creature advantage while you flip? not pretty at all. especially if you could consistently control their board by giving them creatures, or removing them in mass after you have your advantage, which in Legacy is pretty damn easy to do. Since obviously the creatures you would run would be nasty things. oh well one can only dream…

Anyways back to what i was saying. Standard changed, and there is only one more week in which we will see JTMS and SFM be legal (except for the SFM clause in the event decks) – How will standard pan out? Will the events of PT Nagoya block format be taken more seriously and considered by all the players on their FNM nights? we shall see.

Special Announcement

This week I will be having an article publish on make sure you check it out.


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