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Innistrad – Day 1

October 3, 2011

Hello everyone, I am sorry for being away for long from my own blog this long, it seems life decided to take its course for a while and prevented me from really writing anything recently.

I have unfortunate news to bring you all so please forgive me at this current moment. On September 22nd 2011 my Father passed away and I haven’t felt like doing much of anything recently.

I celebrated two year with my girlfriend the last week and really that is about the only happy news I can give you.

now that you have pretty much been caught up with my life. let us talk about some Magic.

On Friday the release of Innistrad happened, I had the chance to play in a FNM that night doing the draft. Out of 32 participants I placed in the top 4 of the event (4th) and respectively placed rather well for myself as it was the first time I have ever placed in the top 8 of a draft event.

I decided to play Blue-White Aggro/Control. I must say I was really shocked at how well it did considering many other player were going tribal humans/wolves or vampires. However, within the Top 8 of the event no tribal decks actually made it. which surprised me, but then again it also was kind of not surprising as well if you get my meaning.

As I was saying I played U/W my deck list was the following

my U/W Innistrad Draft Deck.


Delver of Secrets

Stiched Drake

2 x Selhoff Occultist

Fortress Crab

2 Abbey Griffin

Mausoleum Guard

Village Bell-Ringer

Dearly Departed

Unruly Mob

Cloistered Youth

2 Thraben Sentry



2 Feeling Departed

Ghostly Possession

Hysterical Blindness

Midnight Haunting


2 Sensory Deprivation

Spare From Evil


6 Islands

10 Plains


Tree of Redemption

Hamlet Captain

Rolling Temblor

Bump in the Night

Maw of the Mire


Thraben Purebloods

Silverchase Fox

Urgant Exorcism

Bonds of Faith

2 Elder Cather

Gallows Warden

2 Frightfuk Delusion

Battleground Geist

Lost in the mist

Cobbled Wings


over all the deck performed really well, my basic thought on the deck was get flyers and just start hammering into them. I was really lucky in my POD because of the white that circled around. Black/Green/Red seemed to be the colours of choice for many players. Blue was also very limited so what i got in blue, i thought was fortunate enough.

over all my rounds of play were very interesting.

key cards for my deck that dominated were of course Rebuke and Feeling Departed. these two cards locked out several people from doing serious damage to me when they needed too.

In my second round I really kind of bursted this one players EGO who had dropped a Garruk on the board and made a wolf. my board position was pretty intense at this point as I had two abbey griffen’s and a dearly departed. So after Garruk resolved and a wolf was made, my opponant passed his turn, i swung in deep towards Garruk and Him dropping him to 9. I passed my turn and he drew and scooped.

Match two, I was on the draw and he ramped very nicely to get his bomb out fast, and put me on a clock, I dropped three spells and chumped with one which flipped my senterys. on his turn he equiped his 6/6 and hit me this dropped me 2. I drew a rebuke and had a Feeling departed sitting my grave yard. I decided to swing and hit for 10 which dropped him to 10. I passed the turn, he drew played his card which was a land and swung deep. I responded by flashing back feeling departed and tapping down the two ground pounders, and rebuked the flying 6/6 – I untapped drew, and he said gg. I laughed and told him I was just lucky, because I top decked the rebuke the previous turn and just held it back for when i needed it.

Innistrad has some interesting mechanics in it that I think will be interesting to see play in a limited format. not so much constructed since it is still in development at this point for the next couple of weeks. Limited however is so chaotic with this set it will be interesting to see what decks will work and which ones wont.

anyways in mean time
happy gaming.


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