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Mono Green Control – Part One

July 6, 2011

Wait, what? You read that correctly Mono Green Control.

I love Green, it is so versatile in it’s creatures; from land fetchers, to artifact/enchantment destroyers, to land hate, to tramplers and all around beat sticks.

Well MGC does lack the ability to counter a card dropping down, it can for the most part get rid of something quickly. Now that with Green’s Vindicate spell Beast Within, to destroy a permanment in play, and leaving behind a 3/3 beast token in it’s place.

So let’s start with some cards I want to include in the deck. Obviously the problem right now is I am going to list cards that I may want to include but won’t include due to deck construction space of 60/15 – However, I am still including them in the list.

0-4 Beast Within – Instant 2G
0-4 Ice Storm – Sorcery 2G or Winter’s Grasp – Sorcery 1GG
0-4 Krosan Grip – Instant 2G
0-4 Steel Hellkite – Artifact Creature 6
0-4 Root Maze – Enchantment G
0-4 City of Solitude – Enchantment 2G
0-4 Trinisphere – Artifact 3
0-2 Plow Under – Sorcery 2GG
0-4 Wasteland – Non-Basic Land
0-4 Ghost Quarter – Non-Basic Land
0-4 Rishidon Port – Non-Basic Land
0-1 Dust bowl – Non-Basic Land
0-3 Crucible of Worlds – Artifact 3
0-4 Taramagoyf – Creature 1G
0-4 Acidic Slim – Creature 3GG
0-2 Sundering Titan – Artifact Creature 8
0-4 Tangle Wire – Artifact 3
0-4 Mox Diamond – Artifact 0
0-4 Elvish Spirit Guide – Creature 2G
0-4 Sakura Tribe Elder – Creature 1G
0-4 Bind – Instant 1G
0-4 Tranquil Thicket – Non-Basic Land (Card Draw)
0-4 Mental Misstep – Instant (Free Spell) p/B
0-4 Elephant Grass – Enchantment G
0-4 Birds of Paradise – Creature G
0-4 Lotus Cobra – Creature 1G
X-X Forest – Basic Land
0-3 Sylvan Library – Enchantment 1G
0-1 Umazawa’s Jitte – Legendary Artifact Equipment
0-1 Sword of Fire and Ice – Artifact Equipment
0-1 Sword of Feast and Famine – Artifact Equipment
0-4 Ancient Tomb – Non-Basic Land
0-4 Mishra’s Factory – Non-Basic Land

now that I have a decent selection of cards sorted out, It is time for some assembly. Make sure you check out part two tomorrow, as I go through my selections for Mono Green Control.


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One Comment
  1. Felipe Ruiz permalink

    I like it. It is a strange but really cool concept. At least for fun, I want to help. 🙂

    I miss a lot of cards. First and most important is Winter Orb. Of course You need to build a deck around it to be viable, but I think is the only card that created a control aspect to a mono green deck in the history of Magic (stompy with orb and Gaea’s Cradle).

    If you choose the winter orb path, than Gaea’s Cradle is THE land. The concept of control usually does not involve having many creatures in play at your side, but We are talking about MGC.

    One thing that Green usually does not have access is card advantage. For example, take a look at Beast Within. :(. But there are cards that solve this:

    – Garruk 1.0 2GG and 2.0 2GGG
    – Hunter’s Insight M12 2G – With Tarmogoyf, You can draw 4-5 cards easy.

    That’s all for today.

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