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Battle for the Golden Sun (Star Wars RPG Night)

July 11, 2011

So as some of you may know, I play a monthly star wars rpg night. on saturday we started this really interesting campaign that I wanted to share the script with you:

Urimak (Yuzzum) – There I was, minding my own business on guard duty, when this ship comes to a screeching halt in front of Delta Base. And guess who stumbles out of it?

Ow’im (Duros – Pilot) – You told us the story, it was that Mon Calamarian over there, the one clutching the hunk of rock. Rekara (Mon Calmarian)

GM (as Rekara) I am Rekara, listener to sorrow.

Kol (Human – Bounty Hunter *wink wink*) She still isn’t making much sense, stupid fish. Goes on a lot of missions with Alliance dignitary named Mors Odrion, then one day their ship is lost. Next thing we know she shows up at Delta Base half crazy and with no idea of what happened.

GM (as Rekara) Odrion? Poor Odrion, On Sedri strange Sedri. We must rescue him! We must stop the crying.

Muk-Yuk (Gungan – Jedi) Me sir remember she say something about Golden Sun.

GM: Swimming, Not crawling sedri is all oceans – no land at all. The sea cries at night when the water turns gold.

Urimak: There she goes again! Are we sure its safe to have her along?

Muk-Yuk: The big Boss say she’d be very valuable to us, and to give her time. They think she’s recovering slowly from whatever made her crazy in the first place.

Kid (Human, real name Ferris, Padawan) I just wish I knew what she was talking about.

Ow’im: I’ve punched the coordinates we took from Rekara’s ship into the nav computer, but there’s got to be something wrong. These readings say we’re jumping in the middle of a sun. The hyperdrive inhibitor is going to book the program any second now….

GM: No boot, no crash! I fixed it! See, here the inhibtor module! No more nasty cut off functions.

Muk-Yuk: OH NO! – Me Sir think we’re all gonna DIE.

Urimak: Can anybody fix the inhibitor?

Ow’im: Too late. We’re already slowing back into realspace. According to those readings we come out in orbit around one might powerful sun.

Kol: We’ll be so close we won’t even feel the heat when the hull melts.

Urimak: Why’d I have to be the one of duty when her ship came in? Can anybody tell me that?

Gamemaster: Before anyone can answer, space shifts and the ship emerges from hyperspace. If the nav computer is right you are all about to die….
#star wars #rpg #west end games #d6

our twitter feeds from the game night:

Ow’im (Duro)!/Ow_im

Kol Nissim (Human)!/kol_nissim


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